Strange CAS Glitches

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Strange CAS Glitches

Post by 8lithyk8 Yesterday at 03:10

So, after downloading all of the expansion and stuff packs I was bending over backwards to get CAS to work, as it was just giving me a blank white screen before. I renamed my The Sims 4 file in documents to start with a new game and voila! CAS would now open. However, I am having major issues with CAS> Firstly, the genders are completely mixed up. If I press male or female (to change the gender of the sim), either a male or female sim will appear, regardless of what gender I have selected. The model for all the clothing is male, regardless of whether the clothing is for male or female sims. Also, male and female clothing is available for both genders. If I try to change the sim's age, it spazzes out pretty much and I end up with weird, glitchy sims. I have attached photos of what these sims look like. Also, side note, I do not have any CC or mods in my game and I never have. I have absolutely no idea what is going on, please help?


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