Sims 3 Store content (second CD Jully 2011)

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Sims 3 Store content (second CD Jully 2011)

Post by magic touch on Fri 27 Jan 2012, 21:14


tips: to gain space disk and debug your game.

i find a usefull way to install all content G4TW store content as MODS!

in the second CD store content they are only 4 pack to install, but in Mods folder all content of the first CD (2009-2011) are found!

they are in Mods type,

that means you don't need to install all pack via the launcher, just drag the Mods folder as found in the G4TW CD (include the resource.cfg)

in the user folder documents/Elelctronic Art/Sims 3,,, and enjoy it!

all content are found as installed and they are not create any big file DBC in DCCAHE folder and duplicated packages in the DCBackup!

also secure!

if you found a problem with any CC (Custom Creation) you can remove from mods (just need to know what file is)

is not the case if you install via the launcher,

when installed the package remain in file (as inactive) and always takes more memory to your game and file data (dbc)

as you know tools exist to extract Sims3Pack

you can also use it to input manually selected packages in the mods folder one by one,

the only restriction

DCBCache packages, you need it only if you share (via sims exchange) your sims created

if you don't use any share the 'Mods' install is the best feature!

Great if you want dedicated packages like only new HAIR creation..

in Mods folder i created a "Hair" folder and update the folder name in the resource.cfg file.

Packages assembly tools also exist..

magic touch
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