Please help - Crashing issues

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Please help - Crashing issues

Post by Jakkosh on Sun 29 Jan 2012, 17:28

Hey, i really need help with the sims 3. I have installed all of the
expansions and followed many guides diligently but am still having major
issues. I can run the game, it lets me create sims and choose a
household, but it freezes almost instantly when i go into buy mode, now
when i go to the house screen it can freeze even before i get to the buy
mode screen. This is my story of what iv done already to fix this.

Followed instructions carefully on the ultimate fix and installation
guide. Installed all games in correct order (mounted with no problems
also) and applied cracks and fix.
- Next day started to play, everything going fine until i get into house then major crashes.
Followed all steps on the crash and freeze guide. Couldnt get anything
to work so decided to reinstall everything, from the zip stage at the
very start. While i was installing i read quite a few forums to see if i
could pick anything up.
- Realised i didnt check my version so downloaded manual patch and replaced the patch with stage 13 of ultimate fix guide.
- Got error disc is not a valid copy, insert master suite disc.
Applied last crack of ultimate fix guide to see if that would sort that
problem, and it did, i could get into sims and create and choose a
- Everything running fine for few minutes, tried buy mode
and it crashed again. Now it freezes before i even go into buy mode
- Tried moving "the Sims 3" folder from documents onto desktop (another tip in forums) but same thing happens.

guess my next stage would be to try and uninstall pets to see if it
would work without it, but thats one of the expansions i am most looking
forward to playing! Please, please any advice is very welcome, i have
been going round in circles for 3 days now! Im not sure if im making any
nooby mistakes but as far as im aware iv followed all guides very
carefully. This info may help -

and the version

downloaded origin by accident, i dont know wether that makes a
differance, bbut never logged onto it . Thank you for your time, is much
appreciated. Ill be online pretty much all the time . thanks =)

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Re: Please help - Crashing issues

Post by Webmaster on Sun 29 Jan 2012, 23:55


No, Origin is not the problem.
Just to be sure, please download and apply this patch in combination with the Fix:
(Be sure to re-apply the Ultimate Fix, after using the manual patch)

Now, do you have any Mods and/or Custom Content?



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