Cant remove specific packs?

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Cant remove specific packs?

Post by Desolve on Mon 25 Jun 2018, 19:29

For some reason, I've opened the sims 4 with Seasons, and all of the packs have showed up. I've disabled several of them by RLD origin using : infront of the ones I didn't want. I can't play the game with all of the packs enabled. When I go in game all the other packs show up and appear to be usable.


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Re: Cant remove specific packs?

Post by anadius1 on Mon 25 Jun 2018, 21:20

Seasons use CODEX crack, not RLD. If you want an easy way to toggle those DLCs try this:

Download both .ini and .exe files, put them in your game installation directory and run.

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