Ultimate Fix. [SOLVED]

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Ultimate Fix. [SOLVED]

Post by SwayzeFaye on Tue 28 Feb 2012, 19:21

Hey, I have your base and TownLife torrents and I used the ultimate fix, and it says its 1.23 and comes up as "Would you like to update now", I press okay, and then it goes into tthe spinning loading circle and won't do anything else. I've closed it, and tried to reopen the launcher, and it comes up "Launcher can't run during an update". I check again in a few minutes and it comes up fine, I click play and it says the launcher failed, and goes to the black start screen, but doesnt go any farther. I press alt+tab and a little box is there and says "unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)


nevermind... fixed it


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Re: Ultimate Fix. [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Tue 28 Feb 2012, 20:36


Have fun playing!

Topic closed. Wink



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