New Store Items

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New Store Items

Post by MelissaAnneU on Sun 04 Mar 2012, 18:46

Hey There!!!

I noticed some new items to download. I was wondering if you could please clarify some of the items I have questions about.

Magic Tree Fruit Fix
Is this from Lunar Lakes and if so it came with the world???

Paris Neighborhood
I think I saw something like this on The Sims 3 forum, is this the same one?

Store Baby Swing
I know that I had this already from a previous monthly download, is this some sort of fixed one?

Cow Plant
Again, the same as the Baby Swing?

I hope I typed it well to understand what I am asking? Let me know, thanks a lot, Melissa, Happy Simming!!!

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Re: New Store Items

Post by Adwomin on Sun 04 Mar 2012, 21:10


Magic Tree Fruit Fix
The Magic Tree is included with Lunar Lakes, but you may not be able to pick its fruit. If this is the case, just download the "Magic Tree Fruit fix", which only fixes the bug not being able to pick fruit from the tree.

Paris Neighborhood
Yes, it's this one, but then a little bit more extensive:

Store Baby Swing
From which month did you get it? I don't think we included it with a month, but put it in a "Misc." category.

Cow Plant
No, this is a working version of the Cow Plant and is not included in any Store Update, as far as I know.

Bonsoir, friend.

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