Question about Reputation. [CLOSED]

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Question about Reputation. [CLOSED]

Post by taintedbunnii on Wed 07 Mar 2012, 23:45

Hello, I have a -1 reputation..I am wondering why? I have only posted here 4x (this being my 5th), and nothing I posted deserved a bad reputation/vote in my opinion. So are people just bad repping people for fun or was this justified? Please help me understand as I do not want a bad reputation anywhere, especially when it was not deserved. Thanks in advance for your response.


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Re: Question about Reputation. [CLOSED]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Thu 08 Mar 2012, 08:40

It looks like you got a negative vote from someone for this message. There's no way of knowing who did it, (that I know of), but I do remember someone had commented on having tornadoes etc. about the game experiencing serious lag and anyway, that might be the reason someone gave you a negative vote for that post.
I wouldn't worry about it, the reputation and voting system isn't used regularly. You should have a look at mod Narong's reputation Very Happy.
Anyway, I can see that it is really bothering you so I evened out the score.

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