Update on Showtime

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Update on Showtime

Post by grieralexander on Fri 09 Mar 2012, 21:09

As requested by Admin; here an update on Showtime. I tested as much of the features that I could, and the ones that most people were posting problems with.

1. Prior Saved games are loading and working fine. I opened all my saves and let them run for two sim days and no problems that I could detect.
2. Cow plant, tree of life and the unicorns are still there. I know that people seem to be having problems with this one. I did a backup of my documents, took the my documents sims 3 file out and I let the game produce a new one. I reinstall all the download folder packs through the Launcher and replaced my Mods folder, saves, saved sims and others. The only folders that i did not place back were de DC cache and backup, since that was created anew. I did have a problem with new downloaded words not showing, which was fixed by clearing the caches and doing a reinstall of the worlds: Lunar LAke, Pirate Bay, Hidden Springs, etc.
3. The you have an invalid file notice was solved by updating ALL SlIDERS and MODS, unless there was a post by the creator that they were still working. Outdated sliders got removed.
4. There was no lag on my end and the social features were easily turned off. They do work, if you have at least one registered game.
5. CAS does have a few bugs, which is not a surprise, since the EA patch mess with this particular feature. Body hair and make-up seem not to stick to the sims, but only EA stuff, it worked fine with CC hair and CC makeup items. To me this particular bug is not that important, since I personally do not use EAs I have default replacements for most their crapp!
6. There is a bug reported on the jukebox and boom boxes playing custom music, which stop after one song or do not work. This one I solved by deleting the Jukebox and then undid the undelete and it started working again.
7. Also saved games wich were paused and saved while paused, will start unpaused; so if you are like me, that leaves the game loading and come back, watch for this one, since your sims will be off doing something else. I've tried to solve this issue, but no luck yet.

As you all know, by now there is a new patch 1.32 and the official site is announcing still another one after this one. I Strongly recommend not patching until the administrator here lets us know the measures to take and to avaoid patching by accident turn off the automatic update in your launcher! The new patch deals with the social features, preventing people to leave behind (precious store bought items in your game!!! I guess they realized you could share more than they intended to. Goes to show where EAs head is at!

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