Sims 3 "online" dumb question.....

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Sims 3 "online" dumb question.....

Post by poky on Sun 11 Mar 2012, 19:46

OK dumb one but just curious... can/should you Login your Sim like they ask before you load your game OR will that make the game not work even after this 1.32 new Fix patch??? I never did before cause I was worried it would crash the game or something so just curious now. Thanks


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Re: Sims 3 "online" dumb question.....

Post by Webmaster on Sun 11 Mar 2012, 19:49


You can use the online features of the game just fine, as long as you own AT LEAST one of the The Sims 3 games and have an original, legal serial code for it.
If you have an original serial code, you can use it to register the game to your EA account. This way you can use the Simport functions just fine, like it's an original game!



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