Computer partitioning

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Computer partitioning

Post by Kurogashi on Mon 12 Mar 2012, 17:56

Hi, Just wondering if it's possible to make one of my partitions larger without deleting this partition and starting new again. I underestimated how much space Sims 3 (with all its expansions) would take. I allocated about 50gb to this Windows 7 copy - 20gb was used for Windows itself, 10gb was used for miscellaneous, leaving only 20gb for Sims 3. So is there any thing any body can think of? Or should I just re-partition.

If I re-partition is there an easy way to go about it? For the Sims 3, could I just drag the whole folder from my computer, put it on an external HD and then drag it back? Or would I need to do all the replacing of cracked launchers again?



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Re: Computer partitioning

Post by Webmaster on Mon 12 Mar 2012, 18:03


I recommend using Windows' built-in partition manager, which you can access as following:

From here you can make partitions smaller, bigger etc etc.

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