Sims 3 wont start up! [SOLVED]

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Sims 3 wont start up! [SOLVED]

Post by SmurfieGastNils on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 19:51

So i downloaded this weekend the sims 3, i had Generations, Outdoor Living Stuff, High End Loft stuff and After Midnight. Today, i downloaded Ambitions onto it. But now, it only detects Ambitions and High End Loft Stuff, NOT EVEN THE BASE GAME. There is some kind of update. But there's a script fault or something like that. And the update doesn't do anything. When i click on play, my startpanel just goes away, and nothing starts. My game version is now:

EDIT: Now it also detects Outdoor Living Stuff and After Midnight. But still not Generations and the base game. Now i can start up. There comes a new screen, but it is directly black. There's a message from a service that could not be found or loaded or such thing.

DoubleEDIT!: I did it with that guide, don't remember the name, that you could edit the game version. Now everything i downloaded lights up again. I tested, EVERYTHING WORKS! SOLVED!

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Re: Sims 3 wont start up! [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 22:17


Glad to hear you got it to work yourself!
Have fun playing and don't hesitate to contact us if you run into any more problems!

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