Problems installing The Sims 3 Expansions....

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Problems installing The Sims 3 Expansions....

Post by DanielSoul on Fri 16 Mar 2012, 18:25

Hello, everybody!

So, I'm having a problem to install any of the expansions pack of The Sims 3. I downloaded the The Sims 3 and World Adventures and all the others. Installing The Sims 3 was easy and quick, but, when I go to the extracted files of the World Adventures (I extracted it with RAR Expander) and click on the icon called "The Sims 3 World Adventure Installer", the icon keeps bouncing but nothing happens. I tried to install all the others expansions, but the same thing happened...

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

Thanks for the help!

And sorry for my bad english.


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