Another pets thread..(But i've done my research, I think)?

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Another pets thread..(But i've done my research, I think)?

Post by LittleKeenBean on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 08:03

So I stumbled upon this site searching for some sims 3 stuff and I really wanted to play Pets. I found the guides that taught me how to install base, and an expansion that's NOT pets (I chose TLS). Instructions were kind of confusing but it's not rocket science and I managed to figure it out. I patched and cracked everything I was suppose to, tested to make sure TLS works. Hurray, EA logo, etc etc! I'm at the problem of installing Pets.

This is the first scenario where I had to figure out how to make .dmg files for my Mac, but that's besides the point. After the .dmg is done, I realize that the installer would open and close real quick (so fast I can't even see a Sims 3 specific installation window), so of course I found that you needed to use a specific version of Stuffit Expander..okay, fair. I go to the forum my search directed to, and the megaupload link is obviously gone because of SOPA. There was no information on the version of Stuffit Expander, so I couldn't even google me another link to download it. I'm pretty stuck now, and if there are any newer solutions posted would someone be kind enough to point me the right direction? As if now this is as far as I got.

EDIT: I downloaded Stuffit Expander from their site. Since it's the most recent version it might not be the "specific" one needed. I finally got the installer to pop up after making the dmg...but now I'm here: "Pets Game Validating Error" and how my Sims 3 installed is more recent than expected? When I click "install" to make that screen go away, the next one looks like it's going to finally work, it's telling me that it'll install into my Press "install" again and I get the "Error reading game files" with "$INSTALLVOLUME/Support/Readme/cs/ctimne.txt" underneath.


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Re: Another pets thread..(But i've done my research, I think)?

Post by lolz-4-life on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 11:25


Just use the newest stuffitexpander.

Don't use the base game from here use the Reloaded version.

When you have the .dmg you just copy paste the files in there like this.

#Crack all folders and the the sims not that only the #Crack and the sims is in the .dmg but all files.

I hope i helped if i did please rep+ me.



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