World Adventures-Mods Conflict. PLEASE HELP

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World Adventures-Mods Conflict. PLEASE HELP

Post by sherijan on Wed 25 Apr 2012, 03:26

I know there's a solution to this now, as I keep on searching for answer in the net and they we're like asking about this issue since 2009. I hope someone could really help and understand my case. So here it is:

I reinstalled everything. From TS3 base game, then World Adventures, then Ambitions. Now, my game is up to version 4.0.87. First, I tried if everything is working fine, so I haven't yet installed all of my custom contents and mods. I played the game as it is, and I manage to travel to China without any problem. I could also see that yellow cab fetching me lol.

So I exit the game, installed all of my CCs and mods (because what is life without those lol) and I played again. Everything seems perfect, I can see my mods there, Twinbrook is there (I have a previously saved game before I reinstalled everything), and now I want to fully explore the World Adventures features. Now the problem is I can't travel. Like, when I decided to travel, the yellow cab before wasn't there, and what's weird is that my money keeps on dropping the same amount I payed for the destination. It keeps on being sucked, and then a brief lag was there, then the loading screen appears. I thought it was just some bug, but I just when the load bar is about to finish, it get stuck. Then any of China or Egypt or France isn't loading.

So maybe I thought that mods are the reason for this. I have hundreds of custom contents and mods, so I don't know exactly which is which. Please lighten my case up.

UPDATE: I somehow determined the cause, I tried to remove my Mods>Packages folder from the Sims 3 folder in Documents and World Adventures somehow worked, again. I can travel and all, and my .sims3pack CC are all fine. So it all comes down to the .packages and I'm very certain they are the reason for this conflict. Should I just have a trial-and-error testing with every mods (how painful)? I have read lists of mods that aren't compatible with WA but they are 2009, and I only played TS3 now and it's 2012 lol. There are tons of new mods out on my folder. I tried Delphy's Sims3Dashboard and it did remove some corrupted mods, but I still can't load WA or whenever I travel.

Please help me. Thanks!


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Re: World Adventures-Mods Conflict. PLEASE HELP

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Wed 25 Apr 2012, 07:34


What's your base game version?
it is possible that the mods you have are incompatible with your game version. If you've pirated the games, that option is even more likely.

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