Updating Patch Help .. Everything going wrong :(

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Updating Patch Help .. Everything going wrong :(

Post by samsam9 on Mon 30 Apr 2012, 23:39

Okay, so today I tried to download a sim3pack file, the fiesta store items (you know the deep fryer and stuff) and then I couldn't download it until my game was patched. Before my game was patched to 1.31 I believe, so I used to manual patch from here to patch it, and the patch went well, but whenever I try to install the pack file it says I need software updates. Also, my game won't start ... it says I don't have a disc. My game was working PERFECTLY until I had to patch it
I think it would be important for you guys to know that I have the recent expansion and stuff packs from this site (Showtime, Pets, master suit & outdoor life stuff packs)
Also I used nraas story progression, career, and woohooer mods.

Help!!! Please and thank you Smile


I fixed everything !! Although now I have the "you are using unoffical game modification" error when downloading sim3pack files. I've got the message before and nothing ever happened so I'm not too sure if it's a serious problem


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Re: Updating Patch Help .. Everything going wrong :(

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Tue 01 May 2012, 09:17


The unofficial game modification error can be caused by an outdated crack as well as outdated mods. Since you patched your game, also make sure your Nraas mods are compatible with your new base game version.
Did you use the latest fix? If your mods are compatible, the new fix will solve the game modification error.

The problem you're describing with sims3packs is caused by having a cracked game. The store items are encrypted and will get you this error when you try to install them on to a cracked game. G4TW has all the store updates available here, and these have been decrapified so they work.
Those last few items haven't been added yet but that's a matter of days.

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