NEW Sims 3 Expansion coming on 9/7/2010 [sims 3 stuff addon]

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NEW Sims 3 Expansion coming on 9/7/2010 [sims 3 stuff addon]

Post by GuildMaster_Deygus on Tue 24 Aug 2010, 17:50

Just found out today that a new sims 3 expansion is right around the corner. The addon will add extras to your already pre-exhisting sim 3 content as such of course. It boasts new stylish cars for your sim to drive around in for thats simlife in the fast lane! You'll also now be able to better craft actual garages for your homes along with a wide assortment of other things for your sims!

The expansion as of now is expected to be released on September 7th, 2010 in about a week and a half and we surely hope that EA and Maxis have a damn fix for the horrible glitches that went wrong with Ambitions!
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