Deformed Babies, wrong aged groups, bad CC Long sleeve

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Deformed Babies, wrong aged groups, bad CC Long sleeve

Post by Pikachu on Sat 19 May 2012, 00:09

Ok so it has come to this.

Children and baby sims had this one shirt that glitched them so hardcore , and they looked like spiders with broken backs. I was

determined to find this problem, so I searched for a solution. I found out that it was a shirt with a female Vampire picture. I was

suggested that i should delete it from the launcher, so i found this horrible shirt and deleted it, also i deleted some horrible street

walker boots that caused my sim children and all other sims to wear these horrible clothes. So then i launch my game, and as soon

as i get to my sim house i check to make sure that this stupid shirt is gone. Then i see this shirt again! Surprised !!.

And then im like no problem i can find this shirt and destroy it.

I have literally searched countless forums posts. I have downloaded several sims 3 tools from delphy such as crash log analizer,

dashboard, custard, multi installer, and the master controller.

I followed every step by step process suggested in every help forum.

I also searched every folder:(, i even searched for the product id, and its still not there.

It seems that no one can help me :'(

i have found many solutions to my game in this forum, you guys are my only hope. Help


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Re: Deformed Babies, wrong aged groups, bad CC Long sleeve

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 19 May 2012, 03:14


Your plan of action depends on whether these items are part of a set, or an individual sims3pack.

If they are individual sims3packs, you can simply clear the caches and not reinstall these particular CAS parts. Clearing the caches is done like this.

If they're part of a set, you need Merlin if you want to keep the rest of the set. And now we're venturing into the world of educated guesses, because I have not tried this, but since it can't break your game, I'm comfortable suggesting it.
Clear the cache's again as specified in the link I gave you before and reinstall all sims3packs. When done, start Merlin and click on the icon that has a folder and a wrench. You'll be taken to another screen, here you can select the folder you want to look at by clicking the icon on the bottom that has an open folder with a
You want to open My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCBackup. Now, you can apply a filter on the left side, filter on CASparts so you won't have to go through all of those files to find what you're looking for.
Merlin will show you a picture of each item as you click it, when you find the object, you can delete it by using the "delete file" function in this program.

That should, hypothetically, take care of this problem.

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