Won't load - again.

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Won't load - again.

Post by whitewings on Sun 03 Jun 2012, 20:03

It's me again!

I downloaded Delphy's Sims 3 Dashboard and saw that one of my .packages was corrupt, so I removed it, so it hopefully wouldn't cause any problems with my game.
I can now install both .sims3packs and .packages just fine and run my .packages through the Dashboard each time I download new ones.

My problem is now, however, that I still can't start the Sims 3. I can start the launcher fine, but when I press play my screen goes black, as it does when it starts, but it won't respond and I'll have to close it down through ctrl+alt+delete.
I've also tried to start it from the Game Bin, but it does exactly the same there.
Also tried to start is as Administator, but again, nothing.

I have it uploaded to the latest fix through you and every game, except Generations, are from here, too, but I installed Generations ages ago and have played the game with it.
I don't know if it has something to do with my .sims3packs this time, though everyone have been installed perfectly.

I feel like I have done everything possible, but it is highly possible I have missed something along the way, haha.
I hope you're able to help! Smile


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Re: Won't load - again.

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 10:42


Try these.

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