Launcher needs disk.

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Launcher needs disk.

Post by Amazunggg on Sat 09 Jun 2012, 04:30

I just signed up here, after downloading the torrent you guys were nice enough to upload to us for Sweet Treats!

Everything was smooth, and I followed all directions until that came up.

Now I've been browsing already, because it's common sense to browse and see if anyone else is going through your problem before you bug them, but those users have also done a lot of different things and so therefore they have different results. I don't wanna do anything not for me, and ruin my game.

I don't have ultimate fix or anything else really, infact I just started downloading torrents for Sims 3 today. I decided to get World Adventures because it was the only EP I needed and I was tired of waiting/debating on when to get it.

Any advice? Anything I need to download? Anything I should have removed?

Help is much appreciated. Smile


Okay, I've downloaded that 'fix' but it's the same '# Crack' that came
with the torrent. I've put my torrent in Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 /
Game / Bin / and it's still not working.

Then I remembered when my game kept glitching and even stopped working at one point, I was able to install it with Origin.

also went to Origin files and stored it in The Sims 3 / Game / Bin/ and
that .ddl and .exe files are there too and the game still asks for a


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Re: Launcher needs disk.

Post by Webmaster on Sat 09 Jun 2012, 23:52


First of all welcome to the Forum! Never hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues, we're here to help.
Please note that the "# Crack" files in the Fix are not the same as the ones provided with the torrent. The cracks that come with the torrents, become out-dated when the game is updated. The Fix, however, we keep it up-to-date with the latest crack, every time the game is updated.
So when you update the game, always re-download and re-apply the latest compatible version of the Ultimate Fix for your game.

At this point, following these instructions VERY carefully - not skipping any steps - should fix all your issues:
Also note that you may skip all "# Crack" folders that come with the torrents. (Especially for World Adventures it's important to skip the "# Crack" folder)

Hope this clears up. Good luck!

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