Some questions for the sims 3 reinstall, I have read the guide.

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Some questions for the sims 3 reinstall, I have read the guide.

Post by jramey129 on Fri 15 Jun 2012, 17:49

Hi there, I will warn you all, I am so computer illiterate, I am worried these questions are irrelevant. However you guys seem to get a lot of good results so I thought I might as well give it a shot.

First off, I am attempting to reinstall the sims 3 and the ep's WA, Ambitions, LN, Generations, and Pets. I tried this once before (I had not yet found the post on proper install procedure) and the launcher froze up after attempting to update ambitions. I then had to uninstall all over again. Now I am nervous about attempting anything else. So as a result....

1.When going through the install guide steps is it okay to update in between expansions (if not, is there a way around the seemingly mandatory updates?)

2. I see a lot of info about "cracks." I know this is probably a stupid question, what is a crack? If I don't have any crack files will the ultimate fix help me and my update problems?

Again I'm sorry if these are ridiculous questions, my computer skill set is incredibly small. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!


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Re: Some questions for the sims 3 reinstall, I have read the guide.

Post by Webmaster on Fri 15 Jun 2012, 22:52


First of all, welcome to the Games4theworld Forum! Don't worry about your questions and about your game, we're only here to help. And we love to!
As for your problem, all the instructions on how to install your games can be found here:
Note that the instructions that come with the downloads have become obsolete, so please use the up-to-date instructions from the link above. It has everything you need to get your game up and running; nothing more, nothing less. As long as you read VERY carefully and do not skip any steps!

A crack file is a modified version of an original (usually) .exe file. These files are modified in such a way, that the game or program will not authenticate or check whether a game disc is inserted. So practically it bypasses the security. When you try to start The Sims 3 without replacing the original .exe and .dll file of the game with the modified ones (Crack), the game will ask for your game disc, which you obviously don't have.
Also, it's good to know that using NoCD Cracks are legal, as long as you own an original copy of the game, and use it only for personal use. Just for your information.
Our Ultimate Fix contains the latest version of the crack for The Sims 3 and we'll always keep it up-to-date with the latest version of the crack. When the game is updated, the old game will become out-dated and won't work any more. You'll need a new, updated crack. So you'll need to re-download the Ultimate Fix and use the new, updated crack, when we announce that the Ultimate Fix is compatible with the new version. As long as the Ultimate Fix is not compatible with the latest version of the game, do not update yet, otherwise you'll have no crack to get your game working and you'll have to wait for the Fix to be updated. (We'll do this as soon as possible, of course)

I hope that clears up! Please do let us know if you need any more assistance and good luck!



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