A problem....

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A problem....

Post by Miralem on Sat 16 Jun 2012, 18:11

This is for The Sims 3 and it's DLCs!

I am from South Europe, and I have big problems with download speed, the point is that you probably have seeded it in the United States and now I can't download it with more than 15~20 kB/s, while my max connection is approx. 250kB/s, but, for those experiencing this, I found a good solution!

Get your approx max DL speed, divide it by the approx download speed of the torrent, and than as the result, put that number of torrents to download, not only one, in my case I got 5 torrents downloading the Sims 3 expansions, each one running at the same speed - 15~20kB/s, if I added like 15 ones, that'd be 300kB/s, so that would outmatch my download speed and the download speed of each one of them would lower.....

This is a tutorial for noobs ( incl. me ) , and my first post, so yes, also an introduction xD Very Happy
Yours sincerly
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Re: A problem....

Post by Adwomin on Sat 16 Jun 2012, 19:14


Actually not, a torrent is not seeded from one place, it's continuously being seeded by people from all around the world.
The speed really depends on your internet connection and how you've configured everything.
Max 250 kB/s is... not very fast. If you forward your ports correctly and do not set a download or upload limit, you should be fine.

Bonsoir, friend.

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