Sims 3 Base wont start or uninstall !!

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Sims 3 Base wont start or uninstall !!

Post by sirkistrix on Wed 20 Jun 2012, 02:43

I've had the Sims 3 base game on my computer for about a week now, and today I installed Ambitions and High-End Loft Stuff to my game. Afterwards, before playing I went on a little download spree at thesimsresource. Went to install the downloads, and it didn't work. So I just decided to play the game for a while and figure it out later. Unfortunately the game wouldn't start. This was 5 hours ago. I tried uninstalling, doing a system restore, I downloaded a specific uninstalling program (revo?), I tried updating, I tried installing another expansion, I tried deleting the Documents/Electronic Arts, I tried the Ultimate Fix and every other suggestion I could find, I've tried deleting all the files. Somehow it just stays on my computer, and it wont let me install it without completely uninstalling. I've even deleted my downloads, and my system restore is currently set to just the Sims 3 base once again.

If anyone could be of help I would be forever grateful!! Before I put my laptop through a wall x.x


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Re: Sims 3 Base wont start or uninstall !!

Post by Adwomin on Wed 20 Jun 2012, 11:54


Have you read step 1 of this page carefully: ? (Also written in the Ultimate Fix' installation guide)

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