Game hitches up every 20-30 seconds

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Game hitches up every 20-30 seconds

Post by chicagonative on Sat 23 Jun 2012, 04:35

I downloaded the new patch manually and applied it, then applied the new crack. I have every single expansion, though I only own about half of them. The rest I downloaded from Games4theworld's PirateBay page. For a while, I was having no problems. Then I started experiencing crashes due to "Data Execution Prevention" according to my crash log analyzer. My CLA has never before reported DEP as a reason for my game crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (which was a pain in the neck considering there are 13 applications total involved in the whole of Sims 3 currently), but I tried to play again after only installing the base game through Origin, with no cracks, mods, or extra downloads. The problem persisted, which let me know that the problem wasn't CC or crack related. I figured out that the issue always happened exactly 30 minutes in, and then I realized that I recently installed an animated screensaver which is triggered after my desktop is inactive guessed it, 30 minutes. I uninstalled the screen saver and the problem went away, and so I installed the other 12 EPs and SPs. Now when I play, the game hitches up every 20-30 seconds. When I say hitch up, I mean it "freezes" briefly, although things in-game are still moving; my selected Sim's diamond still rotates above their head, wind still blows the trees and bushes, etc. but everything else is suspended in time.

I would hazard a guess that my CC was out of date; however, the only CC I have that ever requires me to update is all of my Twallan Nraas mods, which I dutifully updated as soon as I'd installed the patch. Now I'm wondering if it is the patch itself, because my spouse is running his Sims 3 game on a MacBook Pro, all he has is the base game, Ambitions, World Adventures, Pets, and Late Nights (which he purchased himself), with no cracks whatsoever and minimal CC, and his has begun to hitch up at the same intervals as mine. We've tried using different internet connections, but that doesn't make any difference since Sims doesn't really require internet to run. I wasn't having issues with the patch before I reinstalled everything and reinstalled the crack. This problem evades me, and while I can still play my game, it's incredibly irritating to have to wait for the game to unhitch 2-3 times per minute.

My specs are fine. My computer was built long after the first Sims 3 game was ever released and I have never had graphics issues so long as I keep the settings on default. My system is a lower end gaming computer, capable of running anything from simple Pogo downloads to Mass Effect 3 with no trouble, so I don't think the issue is related to my hardware.

Any suggestions or knowledge into this problem?

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Re: Game hitches up every 20-30 seconds

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 23 Jun 2012, 10:54


There's a topic about gamelag with possible solutions here.
It's definitely an EA issue, not necessarily a hardware issue. I'm not experiencing much lag myself even though my pc is seriously outdated.

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