Sims 3 Custom Music

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Sims 3 Custom Music

Post by crazyme95 on Sat 23 Jun 2012, 14:24

OK so after some time i managed to update the game with the expansions and fix the game with the ultimate fix after updating first. So i am playing the game fine, after updates of patches the game loads faster than i remember, used to take at least 20 mins just to start playing and entire game would be laggy but after the patch updates, it is so muh more faster and i did disk defragment which now makes the game boot in about 7 mins form the time i click the icon to start to finish loading my game data.

Any way my issue is the custom music, there seem to be a wierd issue, ok basically I'm building a ultimate mansion kinda thing (and i didnt plan any floor plans i'm just building my house as i go changing stuff, really makes it unique compared to plannig it first) and now i'm building the outdoor part with a pool and mini kitchen and living room as part of the out pool. So as part of the entire outdoor party thing, i put in speakers (from show time expansion) all around the place and a stereo so when i play music on the stero the speakers around also play the music (from the stereo). So i added custom music in Mp3 format to the custom music folder and start the game. when i turn on and switch to custom music there are only the animations (music notes) from the stereo and speakers, i adjusted everything from volume and settings but nothing. The stereo plays normal game songs in simlish but when i switch to custom music no audio only music and my sims can even dance to the music with no audio (which in a way looks satanic).

But here is the stich, the custom music however can play from other radios and even the portable music player. when i buy those and place them around they play the custom music fine. By radio i mean the smaller audio gadgets you place on tables and the portable music player. but the full stereo does not play only custom music as in there is no audio from it when playing custom music only. So i am really confuse as to why its not playing only on the stereo, i tried the other stereo but stil it doesnt play, so it's wierd as to why custom music only doesn't play on the stereos. i tried removing my mods and played the games but still nothing so i don't know if its a bug or what else as if music dont play it shouldnt play on any thing but it only plays on the 'radios' and not the stereos, so anyone has this issue or can help with it???


PS if anyone interested in my house design request pictures, i would be
happy to post, it's sort of a modern mansion with alot of stuff like
barn, camp ground/forest, awesome outdoor backyard (if music part can
get fixed), master bedroom with private pool, huge garage and much more.
Based on the house/hotel i saw in the 'Follow The Leader" video by
J.Lo, the first few seconds before the song starts.



ok looks like i just just found a bug that we need a fix.
Ok basically all of the custom music works on all of stereos and radios
but the problem is the speakers from the Showtime expansion. Basically i
deleted all the speakers and stereos and added a stereo first and
ploayed the music to see if the pseakers were causing the issue like i
suspected at first. then suddenly it played on the stereo, so basically
it plays on everything but the issue started again when i added the
speakers back. After adding the speakers back i tried playing the music
and then i had the same issue again.

So it's not the custom music
or anything, it is the speakers causing the issue but still something
puzzling, the speakers still play normal game music just not custom
music, so thats still a bit wierd, anyone have this issue or is it just
my game. Any fix for this out yet??


goggle this issue don't know if it's an alternative, the part about the level 8 electrician


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