Sims 3 Pets not starting

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Sims 3 Pets not starting

Post by wazms on Sun 24 Jun 2012, 17:43


I know that this is somewhat vage, but my Sims game is not starting.

I followed all the instructions on the torrents, plus the ones on "The Sims 3 crashes / freezes to Desktop fix. (Updated on: 10-01-2012)".

However, when I start the game it goes into the loading and at 100%... stops. It does not exits itself. Instead I get a windows alert saying that the game crashed and asking if I want to end it or search for a solution online.

My guess is the crack... but I am not sure.
What .exe am I meant to use to start the game?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Sims 3 Pets not starting

Post by Webmaster on Sun 24 Jun 2012, 20:32


Let's see, do you have any Mods or Custom Content?

free society
free society

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