Sims 3 'A Serious error has occured while loading name.sims3' HELP!?[CLOSED]

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Sims 3 'A Serious error has occured while loading name.sims3' HELP!?[CLOSED]

Post by Cleo889 on Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:46

Hey this is my first time posting. Any way I have a really annoying problem, I've seen lots of people have had this with their Sims 3 game and some have fixed it. Sorry if this topic has been brought up alot, but when you try to open a family or start a new Sims 3 game, it will give you this error message: "A serious error has occured while loading name.sims3 it is strongly reccomended that you re start the application". This problem first occurred when I was saving a game and it was almost done saving so I just turned my computer off. Bad move. I come back and I get this error. So I have tried, uninstalling everything, didn't work, tried restarting the game, (of course I did that,) tried re starting the computer, didn't work either. I even tried deleting some caches, sigh, didn't work. I tried the registry thing when I got to the layers step I couldn't find layers please look at this thread to know what I'm talking about:­42-a-serious-error-has-occurre­d-while-loading-possible-fix-t­he-sims-3-neigbourhood-loading

I'M BEGGING YOU. ANY HELP WILL BE APRECIATED. I just really want to fix my game. It is not the disc because I installed Sims 3 on two other computers and it worked fine. Please help!! Sad I love the Sims 3.

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