Worked Fine Yesterday Now gives - 0x0175dcbb Error

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Worked Fine Yesterday Now gives - 0x0175dcbb Error

Post by Honeyheart on Tue 03 Jul 2012, 19:59

Yesterday I was able to play just fine after downloading an installing Late Night.
As I was still waiting for Generations to download I was able to play.
My Base game, pets, an ambitions are all bought copies of the game which I am unsure is causing the problem or not.

This morning Generations finished downloading so I followed the direrections, applied the proper means, then it gives me a constant error. BUT before it gave me the error it would load my launcher...then open a blank black screen which instantly went to "Not responding" I've read all other threads here, i've gone through FavorLock's help guide. An still nothing.

Also this morning when I noticed the issue. I uninstalled all my games (Placed my Downloads, CC, saved sims, screenshots, an saved games to a new folder on my desktop). Even after uninstalling an reinstalling with just the games I have the disk for. The problem continues. I have also tried the new Ultimate Fix provided here.

Is the problem the fact three of the games are done via disk the other two (THough had no issues with Late Night) done via download? Or is there something else I am missing?

Please help Sad


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