World Adventures Launcher Error

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World Adventures Launcher Error

Post by elevolox on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 06:43

I've been having some serious issues with the World Adventures torrent I downloaded from The Pirate Bay.

To begin, I have the retail version of the base game; running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on a 2-3 month old Asus laptop.

I downloaded all of the other expansion packs and installed all of them with no problems whatsoever. I got to WA and I tried to drop the files in the bin and I accidentally hit the "Open with..." on the Sims launcher application, went to play and it didn't work, which I thought was my problem. I tried using the ultimate fix (had the EP's it requires to work), which didn't fix it and searched all over the internet, removed all of my cc, until finally I gave up and uninstalled the entire thing. Facepalm

I reinstalled the base game and thought I'd try to install the EP's in order, starting with WA. I opened regedit as directed in the installation guide, found the Sims 3 folder and changed the SKU to 2. I ran crack 1 and changed the directory folder and that worked fine. Dropped everything in crack 2 into the bin no problem. Got to crack 3, which the comments said wasn't necessary if you bought the base game, so I skipped it (the second time around I tried to do it anyway because I thought it might help). Opened the Sims 3 launcher to update the game, updated it and closed it. Installed the EP, and went to apply crack 4, dropped it in and went to play but when I opened the launcher, it said error during startup, please see the log for more details. scratch

I tried downloading MTS's crash log analyzer which only had recorded previous crashes due to my graphics card (which I then updated). I've read the "How to correctly install the Sims 3" and tried that. Also tried the registry deletions, which there was nothing to delete. On the torrent download page there's a link that says if you get a launcher startup error, follow this link, but the link's broken. I've been searching and searching the forum for a solution but it doesn't seem like anyone else has had my problem.

confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused

EDIT: I've installed it the same way I installed the rest of the EP's, directly into the GAME/BIN folder, and the other files you mentioned are in the same folder. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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Re: World Adventures Launcher Error

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 09:27


The world adventures launcher isn't going to work with an up to date game.
Since Generations was released, things about the launcher and TS3W.exe changed.
So if you have the base, the EP's and the fix, and your game version is 1.34, you need the launcher in the base game\bin, or the TS3W.exe in the same folder, to start the game.

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