Materializing Materials (Lucky Palms issue?)

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Materializing Materials (Lucky Palms issue?)

Post by komu on Sun 08 Jul 2012, 18:07

Ever since I installed Lucky palms I've been getting the Materializing Materials loop, and while I have a few CC patterns, they've all worked fine before. I even reinstalled the game, tried without anything in it (works fine), but as soon as I added Lucky Palms I got the loop, and now I fear I may have to reinstall everything AGAIN. Please help.

Note that I didn't add any other sim3packs or custom content, just Lucky Palms. I figured I should try that first before throwing everything else in. It doesn't matter which neighbourhood I'm in, btw. Same thing happens. Help

EDIT: All expansions except Sweet Treats (Don't want, tried it before I reinstalled) from Games4theworld, all patches updated, ultimate fix, and the Lucky Palms/casino fix. Everything I can possibly think of is in order. And I would really, really love to play in Lucky Palms. Such a pretty world.


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Re: Materializing Materials (Lucky Palms issue?)

Post by Aɾყα on Sun 08 Jul 2012, 20:28


Did you try it without the patterns?


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