Strange Sims 3 Problem

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Strange Sims 3 Problem

Post by Awfulz on Tue 05 Oct 2010, 00:49

I downloaded all expansion and the base games from you guys. Then, I installed Sims 3 (Base). Everything worked perfect, I made a house and a family to make sure everything worked fine before continuing with the updates. I then installed World Adventure, and again, everything worked perfectly. I proceed to install High-End Loft Stuff, and everything works until the very last step:

5. Now open the '# Crack' folder in this .rar file and copy + paste áll the files in there to: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 High End Lot Stuff\Game\Bin* and REPLACE them by them by the existing ones.

After I finish this step, none of TheSim3Launcher work, they'll always time out. I tried installing the fix, but it didn't change. I read somewhere on the forums that someone was experiencing this exact problem, installed Ambitions, and everything worked fine.. so I proceeded to install Ambitions. Now the Launcher comes up, but displays The Sim 3 (Base) Version: I then attempted to update it, to what it says is 4.0, but the Update Now button doesn't work at all. This is my third time reinstalling everything from scratch, and get stuck on the same problem every time. I know Admin doesn't recommend High-End Loft Stuff, but I'd really enjoy having it, since it's free and all. After also having problems with Counter Strike Source, I've decided to seek technical support, but with my luck, the server is down. It was recommended to me to see if the forums could solve the problem, so here I am. I have Teamviewer / AIM / MSN if anyone wants to attempt to help me.

I'm not sure if it's a glitch or if it's really back to update, but according to The Sims 3 forums, retail versions are also having this problem. At the bottom of the installer, it says version At the very bottom left, where the expansion packs are displayed, it says I have all expansion (and it shows their versions), but it shows I don't have The Sims 3 base game or a version of it. When I try to proceed and open/play the game anyways, I get these errors:

Along with this error there was a Server Authentication error, which I couldn't get a capture of because I had to restart my computer as it went unresponsive. I'm looking forward to getting updated as soon as possible so I can continue playing. While I wait, I'll attempt to reinstall everything again. As a side question; will you guys be working on making a patch for the new Sims 3 expansion that is supposed to come out 10/10/10? It's called Late Night, or something on the lines of that.


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