No idea what I'm doing

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No idea what I'm doing

Post by ohhsnaps on Sun 15 Jul 2012, 10:56

OKAY. Sorry for making a topic. I've read several other topics, read comments from Piratebay, thought I understood what I was going to do, saw other comments, and then ultimately felt like I have NO IDEA what I'm about to try. And I'm also second-guessing whether I want to do it at all.

I have a retail version of the game. I recently re-installed it because I figured out how to get CC working correctly on Windows 7. As I was looking for CC, I found this really cute house but it required a few expansions for it to work right or something, so I thought of being naughty and DLing the expansions because I am WAY too cheap to buy like five stinkin' EPs just for a few silly (except super adorable) little houses (well, I do like the expansions' new features too). Anyway, I found some torrents, and so far I've got three of them downloaded. I haven't done anything other than extract the files from World Adventures, which gave me an ISO I'm guessing I'll have to run through DAEMON tools (I got it from another site) somehow.

However, as I was reading one of the threads here, someone said once you pirate and install one of the EPs you need to treat everything as a pirated copy of the game. Does this mean if I manage to successfully install the expansion packs somehow, magically, I won't be able to update my game through the EA Launcher even though I own a retail version of the base (Sims 3) game?

Also, what of the patches for the EPs? I read that all expansions are to be updated via base game patches now, and I've got my Sims 3 updated to the latest version (had no idea I was going to be so nawty at the time), so can I just ignore the whole patching for the EPs (Word Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, and Pets because omg unicorns) thing? Or something. I don't even understand that part, lol.

I'm terribly lazy about keeping up-to-date with things that require doing something manually, so if I have to treat my Sims 3 like my base game is pirated as well and can't use the EA Sims 3 Launcher regularly/let it update automatically/whatevr, I might just give up on it all. I really don't want to jack something up just because I don't have enough money to throw around at EA for their expansions. :s


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Re: No idea what I'm doing

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sun 15 Jul 2012, 11:08


You're not going to have to patch the ep's, and you won't be able to patch with the launcer, but keeping your game updated isn't going to be that much work either.
We at G4TW always provide a link to a superpatcher that allows you to patch your game regardless of cracks, and the fix is kept up to date with the latest patch level to allow you to crack your game.

It will take some consideration on your part since you can't update your game automatically anymore but all in all it doesn't take that much time either, apart from dl-ing a patch of almost 1GB.
You can also choose to ignore future updates and just get the fix so you can use its crack after installing the expansions.

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