Safe download websites + Answering your download questions!

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Safe download websites + Answering your download questions!

Post by Stann700 on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 15:56


I see so many people here with corrupted downloads, questions about them. Sometimes I also see noobs, you know, those people who don't know how to use .package downloads! But, I'm willing to help all of you. If the fixes of our lovely Admin and Lady ElDi don't work you can try asking me or other people. I will also give you the best download sites I have. It's getting harder and harder finding non-corrupted downloads. Why? Each time there's an update some mods have to be updated before they can be used. Sometimes even your game crashes. And we don't want that to happen.

Let me explain you some stuff about mods, this is very basic, but with the basic stuff you can come VERY far.
At first, there are many mods which edit your in-game files. Like a mod which deletes some automatic gestures of your Sims and such.
When you download a core-mod you must know that when you download another one, your game crashes. You also have core mods which just work as a core for some other mods, they won't affect your game if installed another core mod.

You might've come here to get some links for amazing downloading websites. Well, let me give the best I have to you.

Mods can always add more links and you can suggest links too, I'll edit the topic anyway.
I also answer your questions if you have done what the mods tell you to do when your game is corrupted.
It's not only the quality of the downloads that matters, but also the level of trust, good downloads never get corrupted. I've used my downloads since 2010, and my game has never gotten corrupted. In total I have 260 downloads. That must be good right? Questions, feedback? Don't mind telling me!


- Q:How the hell can you run 260 downloads without even having a gaming pc? A: Well, you should try ' ' And then the Overwatch mod, it fixes your lag and will do much more Smile! You can also get more mods from them =D!
Dear regards,


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