Confused in installing

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Confused in installing

Post by applearanas on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 06:35

Hi, I’ve been trying to install Sims 3 for almost 2 weeks now and I’m getting really frustrated.

So i installed Sims 3, and when i tried to install Master Suit, it won’t install because it says “not compatible with Sims 3 version.” My question is, do i have to update first my sims 3 base game, then the manual patch and then the ultimate fix? Or just apply the manual patch and the ultimate fix?

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Re: Confused in installing

Post by Aɾყα on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 09:18


If you use the manual patch, your base game is up to date and it should allow you to install all expansions.
You may get a notification that your base game is more recent than the pack you're trying to install, but you can ignore that.


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