[Sims] Weird situation after reinstalling

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[Sims] Weird situation after reinstalling

Post by Bliss1991 on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 19:35

Hey guys,

I used to have all the EP's up till Ambitions so I decided to uninstall everything in order to install all Expansion Packs.
From the moment I started installing the base game I got strange errors saying:
(Sorry guys, it's in Dutch!)

De toepassing is niet juist geïnitialiseerd. Controleer of je de toepassing niet vanaf meerdere Windows-accounts tegelijk probeert uit te voeren. Als het probleem aanhoudt, installeer je de toepassing opnieuw.

I have absolutely no idea why it's showing me this message, but the weirdest thing of all is this:

As you can see, all the text is GONE (except for the 'commercial')
It doesn't matter which tab I click on, the text is gone where it should be.

What I did was:

1. Uninstall all Sims components
2. Restart computer
3. Install Sims 3
- World Adventures
- High Loft Stuff
- Ambitions
- Fast Lane Stuff
- Late Night

What I didn't do was apply the cracks as the last step, as the game itself is working fine, except for the text being gone. I don't think applying the cracks will solve this as the problem was there since the base game got installed.

And another thing, I haven't been able to update my game by using the launcher and searching for updates.

What went wrong?

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Re: [Sims] Weird situation after reinstalling

Post by Webmaster on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 21:47


Dit is inderdaad een raar probleem. Ik raad u dan ook aan om exact het volgende te doen:

This is indeed a strange problem. I recommend you do exactly the following:

1. Completely uninstall The Sims 3 All expansions.
2. Restart your PC.
3. Reinstall The Sims 3. DO NOT APPLY THE CRACKS!
6. Install Ambitions.* DO NOT APPLY THE CRACKS!
7. Install Fast Lane Stuff.* DO NOT APPLY THE CRACKS!
8. Install Late Night.* DO NOT APPLY THE CRACKS!
9. Update the launcher to the latest version.
10. Apply these updated Cracks: http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/fixes-f18/the-sims-3-latest-cracks-download-t656.htm
11. The Game should work fine now.

* = Optional

En nu kijken of het spel het doet. Succes!

P.s. Heeft u een gekochte versie van het basisspel en / of een van de Expansions?



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