Launcher and CC/downloads

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Launcher and CC/downloads

Post by mryza on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 20:15

First off, this place is amazing and thank you for all you do to help!

Basically, when I install a Sim from the exchange, everything goes well and it shows up under installed, and works perfectly in-game. The only problem is, instead of breaking down piece by piece in the launcher, the sim installs as a pack, so I can't remove the custom clothing it comes with. All the custom clothes are lagging my CAS. =[

I also have a problem where when I download some items, it'll say installed and show up in the game, but when I close and re-open the launcher is says it's not installed. It's not a problem because I can remember not to install it again (and it works in-game), I'm just wondering if there's a way to make everything install cleaner.

I did end up re-installing all my games recently and I even deleted the documents folder to let it make a new one before I went through and re-installed all my content, and I'm still having these issues.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!


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Re: Launcher and CC/downloads

Post by invalidusername on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 20:56

There's nothing you can really do about the custom clothing, outside of opening the file and taking those items out, but I'm not sure if you could even do that with a .sim file.

What I did, when I installed using the launcher, was after I installed everything, I'd move everything out of the downloads folder to a backup location so that the objects didn't show up in the downloads tab with that exclamation point. If they're staying installed in-game, that's all that matters, and this way you have a backup of all your download files just in case. Smile

This thread also has some good tips on keeping cc installed, and organized for your game. I personally use ccmagic and love it, but I know a lot of people find it more hassle than what they want to put in.
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