how do i get the skeleton maid?

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how do i get the skeleton maid?

Post by Hard_Drive87 on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 11:16

i saw quite a few youtube videos on supernatural,and i saw a wall casket that had a skeleton maid inside and it cleans your house,how do i get this skeleton maid?i looked all over my items and i cant find it..

i have

sims 3 base game


late night



showtime katy perry edtion

town life stuff

katy perry sweet treats



and all the store items 1 -35

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Re: how do i get the skeleton maid?

Post by Streisand on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 11:54

You can find the sceleton maid in buy mode in this category : entertainment>miscellaneous Smile

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