game doesnt load. [SOLVED]

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game doesnt load. [SOLVED]

Post by Bond007Girl on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 18:14

hello i am very new to this and maybe its my fault but here it goes. Up to know i have purchased all the ep and stuff packs through origin. i have all the ep but not the most recent stuff packs well supernatural came out and i decided to try it through your site i downloaded it thru tpb because it said your cloud storage was suspended... i followed all the direction and read the required post about the ultimate fix the game looks intact and i can even start it up it goes all the way past the intro but then when it gets to the final load screen the game stops working unexpectedly and my computer does not give me any more information then that please help

with some help from fellow simmers the problem has come to my mods not being the ones that go with the update... which i should have known but a "blonde" moment and the fact that it happened once the supernatural expansion was installed i didnt put 2 and 2 together. so Remember to make sure if u use mods (that are g4tw approved) make sure u update them when u get a game update all i got to say now is duhhh cuz i actually knew that smh lol

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Re: game doesnt load. [SOLVED]

Post by Adwomin on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 22:04


Haha, glad to hear you were able to get it to work yourself. And welcome to the Forum!
Enjoy the game now and please let us know if you need any more assistance!

Bonsoir, friend.

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