No Playable families after installing Supernatural. [SOLVED]

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No Playable families after installing Supernatural. [SOLVED]

Post by ghostwrytr on Sun 09 Sep 2012, 00:26

After installing Supernatural I no longer have the option to choose an existing family in any neighborhood.

Things I have tried to correct this issue:
applying The Ultimate Fix
Uninstalling Supernatural/ reinstalled
removed Sims 3 folder from documents and allowing the game to generate a new one
Uninstalled again, redownloaded the entire file
deleted the Sims 3 documents, again and reinstalled: still no joy
Uninstalled supernatural, ran the game, still do not have the option

Prior to installing Supernatural my game ran just fine.
I did run into a little bit of a glitch while doing the initial install ( I forgot to yank my Sims 3 documents folder which caused the game to crash on start) Which reinded me that before I remembered that I needed to yank my mods I attempted to apply The Ultimate fix. Which actually just reminded me of the only other out of the ordinary thing I ran into...My antivirus did not like the Ultimate fix. I actually had to go and restore it from quarantine.
And yes I did commit the cardinal sin of NOT backing up my folders before installing the new EP.

I am running Windows 7 Professional
8GB memory
AMD Phenom II X2 560 processor 3.30ghz

Update: I completely uninstalled my Sims 3 game, then reinstalled just the base game from the actual disc, updated and started up the game. The playable households are still missing. I am starting to think that there is something wrong with the actual update. At this point I only have the base game installed so it is not the EP causing the issue.

Final Edit: Issue is solved. Apparently after installing the new update it set the game back to tutorial mode. Just press the 'Edit Town' button then quit back to set up game. Viola...choose house hold is there. *Sigh* I am off to go completely reinstall my game. Happy simming!!


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Re: No Playable families after installing Supernatural. [SOLVED]

Post by Dracos66 on Sun 09 Sep 2012, 07:40

Glad to hear you found the problem.

Please let us know if we can ever assist you in the future.


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