Zombies popping up 24/7

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Zombies popping up 24/7

Post by usagioomizu on Mon 10 Sep 2012, 02:13

I have zombies popping up on mine, and other sim's properties 24/7. Doesn't matter weather its day or night, or even a full moon, they are ALWAYS spawning D: I'm so tired of listening to grunts and moans Sad


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Re: Zombies popping up 24/7

Post by stabitha666 on Mon 10 Sep 2012, 02:23

They posted this on the sims 3 site not that long ago via a simguru blog:

Creating the world you want to play (General Cheat)

Want to
get rid of all zombies- this is one way to do it. Here is a cheat to
control your supernatural population by adding or removing
supernaturals. First open cheat mode by holding CTRL+SHIFT+C and type
"testingcheatsenabled true" Now go to the mailbox on your lot and shift
click which will bring up some cheat options for your game. Select
"Supernatural Population Control" and this will bring up the option to
either add or remove supernatural Sims into your game. Add Supernatural
will bring up the type of supernatural you want to add and turn 2 Sims
in the world to this supernatural type except for the Sims in your
household. The Remove Supernatural works the same way except it will
remove all of the supernatural types you selected from the world except
if you have that supernatural type in your household.
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