Supernatural in-game bugs/fixes.

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Supernatural in-game bugs/fixes.

Post by DeeDee47 on Wed 12 Sep 2012, 09:22

Hello all!

I know a lot of people have been having issues with Supernatural, so I thought I'd share some fixes/workarounds for some of the current problems I've found!


Bonehilda apparently isn't able to function if her coffin is placed behind a bookshelf secret door - so try moving her out in the open.

By default, the Magic Mirror allows autonomous behavior, so it's natural for her to be interacting with it. This doesn't seem to be a glitch. However, if she is interacting with the mirror instead of cleaning, that IS a bug. I had a brief problem with this - dismissing Bonehilda, selling her coffin, and buying a new one fixed it. Not sure if this works all the time though, as I've only had the problem once!

Certain SN houses cause problems for Bonehilda - especially the Crumplebottom household. Re-doing the roof seems to fix it (since the roof overlaps floor tiles)

Note that there are a lot of non-cc/mod related issues with Bonehilda that will have to be addressed by a patch, such as the Awaken Bonehilda interaction causing sims to freeze, and an invisible Bonehilda.

In my experience, my transformed werewolf sims aren't able to get pregnant/impregnate other sims, regardless of how many tries/lifetimerewards/where you're woohooing, etc., so changing them back to normal sim form will fix the issue.

Several of my Supernatural sims have become invisible, and sort of fell through the floor. You could no longer click on them, and resetsim didn't work. However, changing the sims' clothes fixes the issue (IE, from Everyday to Pajamas). This issue happened randomly when loading a saved game.

There are also issues where a Sleep interaction is canceled for beds (not couches or rockingchairs, just beds). To fix this, buy a new bed. I've had this happen to 5 sims, and buying a new bed worked for all but one of them. Reloading the game and then buying a new bed fixed the issue for that sim.

Also, there's a large problem with mods/cc affecting fairy wings not being seen, and werewolves' transformed form changing after CAS. Removing all outdated mods and cc should fix this.

I had a friend who said that after she installed Supernatural, there were several households that had sims that couldn't click on the other sims in their household to interact. Neighbors were fine - it was just the household. Moving your sim in and out seems to fix this problem.


HUGE issue with zombies. Since EA didn't add zombies to the population control option, there are numerous people saying that zombies spawn day and night, regardless of the moon phase. This has happened to me several times. One fix is to change the moon phase to a constant non-full phase, and then using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, shift-clicking on the mailbox, and removing all current zombies. Or, you can download a no zombies mod from Mod the Sims site, which allows you to still have full moons without zombies. (note on the peashooters - while they do take care of zombies, your sim will almost always have to set up the interaction for them to attack, and it's an action that must be queued, so it can't be done at work, while they're sleeping, etc.)

As always, make sure your mods/cc are fully updated and compatible with SN and 1.38! If they're not, remove them til they are!

If anyone has any other fixes for problems let me know and I'll add them!

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