sims slow (when wasnt before) and other problems

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sims slow (when wasnt before) and other problems

Post by mayhemandcheese on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 04:14

Alrighty, where to start....First of all. I downloaded the sims 3 base game, outdoor living, high end loft stuff, pets, katy perry that was, and ambitions once before, all downloads from the pirate bay. And it worked just fine. then i downloaded and installed the store updates from a torrent on pirate bay (please dont kill me cuz i dont remember exactly) but what the file is called in my download folder is "sims 3 store 1-38 (derapified)". it worked fine, though i got the "installation failed, make sure u have the most recent (or whatever it says) version of the game...or whatever" i just read about that though and how to fix it. But when i closed the sims 3 and tried to re-open it later. it would not open, and my computer slowly grinded to a halt, and would not respond. not so computer savvy, but i am not an idiot, (so please dont treat me as one Smile ) and pleeaase help! i have tried searching for my problems, but i couldnt find a good answer, so im posting this. oh, also, i got sims 3 to work, but i had to totally uninstall everything (custom content and saved games) but now when i start it, its says "you seem to have installed an unofficial version of the game, blah le blah" and basically said it may not work correctly, and asks if i want to quit or continue. i continue of course, but in game is SLOW and lags frequently and minor graphic issues in create a family. Argh, i so vague, im sorry! hopefully someone will recognize these problems and be able to help. PLEAAASE help, i am SSOOOOOO frustrated!!! OH, i also did the ultimate fix, but the game launcher update thing says i am up to date, and i cannot hit the refresh button. i am downloaded the manual fix patch but it literally says 5 hours until it is downloaded. and nothing ever takes THAT long on my computer...not with fast internet.

ANYWAY. i think thats all, sorry its so long, but thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to read this. Please help! Thanks you Very Happy


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Re: sims slow (when wasnt before) and other problems

Post by invalidusername on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 16:23

Definitely use the manual patch, once you're able to, then reapply the fix. Let us know the results from that first, then I have a few more suggestions, as will other people. Smile
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