A few things to address.[CLOSED]

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A few things to address.[CLOSED]

Post by tx3000 on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 19:22

Ok when it comes to The Sims 3 and all it's expansions. The instructions are still pretty confusing. Let me explain first, then explain a simpler solution.

Apparently the expansions have to be installed in a specific order but the order hasn't been posted anywhere, saying the order of the expansions doesn't help really, because then you have to look up somewhere on the net, the order in which ones were released, causing someone to have to do even more work.

Next there is the Crack issue, pretty much a lot of the instructions say to ignore the crack and use the master update. Well if that's the case, why leave the crack inside the folder. The other major issue I want to address is that the instructions are actually incorrect (Well they at least say something that does not make any sense)

It is said that the master update are not actual cracks, but the files needed in order to be able to update the game correctly without an error. Ok if that's the case, then why do the instructions tell people to update/manually patch their game FIRST, then apply the files from the master fix?

If the files in the master fix are what's allowing the game to be updated, then shouldn't those files be applied FIRST, before applying the update or manually updating the game via the patch? If you're saying to use them to allow the game to be patched, but applying them AFTER you patch the game, then what purpose do they serve?

The whole instruction regarding the patch/update makes absolutely no sense. but yet that is exactly what it says to do.


Next there is the statement in the installation guide of:
If you don't install at least one of the expansions, the game still won't work
and then it starts listing where to put the files from the master file.

Finally, there is the Store Updates. Store updates do not require the mods folder and they are not mods they are package files. Now I understand what it's saying to do, but all of that is 100% unnecessary and there is an easier way to install these.


Simpler solution:

1. Post a list of all the expansions with a brief message that says something such as:
Install the expansions in this order

1st (Expansion name)
2nd (Expansion name)
3rd (Expansion name)

You get the idea.

Also post a brief message regarding what happens/what to do if someone doesn't have one of the earlier expansions, but has a later expansion.


Expansion Cracks message:
Remove all the cracks from the expansions and re-upload them with ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED.


A much simpler way to install the Store Updates:

1. Place any store updates into the following folder:
C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads

2. Use the Sims3Launcher.exe to launch The Sims, and ignore any errors about the EA Downloader.

3. Click the downloads tab, and wait for it to load up

4. Use each tab to select what you want installed, then click install, and wait. (I usually just install everything)

5. Once everything/everything you want is installed. close the launcher, then launch the game with the TS3.exe and enjoy.



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Re: A few things to address.[CLOSED]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 29 Sep 2012, 12:46


Not another topic Facepalm

Please keep all your concerns in one topic. This one is now closed.

As for the fix: it is used to patch an existing game with the launcher. The manual patch does not require it. The "must read" topic clearly states to use only the crack from the fix. The fix's installation guide is very clear on that there is only 1 crack.
It is impossible to remove the crack folders from previous torrents.

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