when installing an expansion pack it doesnt find the base game?? [CLOSED]

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when installing an expansion pack it doesnt find the base game?? [CLOSED]

Post by Rose983 on Sat 06 Oct 2012, 19:07

thank you for the sims 3 base game i am downloading the sims 3 now, but i have another question based on the link (the must read) to install the sims 3 correctly and on step one you say that after installing the sims 3 and at least one of the expansion packs to move on to step two, now this is where im worried something will go wrong because last time i tried installing the sims 3 pets durning the process of installing that expansion pack it kept having pop ups about not finding the sims 3 base game and that im just installing it into the computer without the base game when i already had the base game in my computer...? should i just ignore the pop ups? and then follow your steps on the how to install the sims 3 correctly? or is there something else i need to fix?

oddly enough while installing the sims 3 pets it was saying it was not installing into my base game that it couldnt find one on my computer, but when i played my game it showed the sims 3 pets in the game?? so thats why im asking if i should just ignore the pop ups while installing the expansions then just follow the instructions to the must read link or is there something more i need to do. lol i feel like im not making any sence so i hope this makes sence. other than that i think i understand on what to do with the steps you linked me.
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Re: when installing an expansion pack it doesnt find the base game?? [CLOSED]

Post by Webmaster on Tue 09 Oct 2012, 21:51


Please do NOT create any more topics regarding your The Sims 3 problems. I've closed all of them, keep them in one topic for your and our ease, please. Thank you.

Also, do not double-post any more - like I asked you before - just use the "Edit" button on your message if no new replies have been posted yet. That will make life a lot easier for us.
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