Restaurant empire 2

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Restaurant empire 2

Post by Lorint on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 10:13

I changed a setting in the game, don´t remember the name of the setting, but it was from x4 (or x6) till x8. When i changed it to x8, and pressed apply. The screen went blank. And now i can´t play. I have tried to reinstall the game, even download it again but it still remains blank. The game is running as i can here the music and can touch the buttons, but i dont see anything.

What could be the problem?

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Re: Restaurant empire 2

Post by Webmaster on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 16:48


You probably changed the "Anti-Aliasing" option. It's strange that it still remains when you reinstall. Did you do exactly like this:

1. Completely uninstall the Game.
2. Restart your PC.
3. Reinstall the Game.
4. See if it works now.

You may also want to update your Graphic Card's drivers.



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