Jailbreak Ps3

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Jailbreak Ps3

Post by playin24/7 on Tue 11 Jan 2011, 17:42

Does anyone have jailbreak for ps3?
I've seen it's free on some websites, but when i clicked the website it came a "survey".
These surveys are very hard for me.
But i found one place it was free (found on youtube)
I tryed it, but didn't understand a sh*t.
Please help me is someone got jailbreak, free or very cheap Very Happy

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Re: Jailbreak Ps3

Post by cocacolafire on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 07:17

Yes, it is. However, there are some limitations. You can't play pirated games with the current firmware release, there isn't a full jailbreak yet that works for free and won't brick your system.

Geohot just jailbroke the PS3 a few days ago, however, he got OWNED by the legal system (court shut him down HARD)

You need a flash drive for this aswell, something over 10 MB.

Also note this- Your system can get bricked, there is always a chance, sometimes in life, its easier to go by chance.

You can download the jailbreak for free here-


Here are the instructions-

1. Download the file.
2. Make a folder on the root of the flash drive called PS3.
3. Make another folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE.
4. Move the files inside the .zip you downloaded into that update folder.
5. Take the flash drive and say 'WA-LA!, A JAILBREAK!"
6. Plug that USB into the PS3 and on the PS3, go over to the settings tab.
7. The first option will say "System Update" press X on that.
8. It will say Update via online, or by media storage. Click media storage.
9. Let it update, and your console will auto-turn off (click auto turn off by the way).
10. It will beep about 4 times, (if not, something might have gone wrong)
11. Turn the console back on, and VIOLA! One jailbroken PS3, go over to the Game tab, it will say "* Install Package Files" which is a folder icon.

.pkg files are currently the only thing you can add to your PS3.

To install packages, find .pkg files online, anything that can do something useful on the PS3, (like a memory game or w/e)

1. Download the .pkg file.
2. Delete everything else on the USB.
3. Move the .pkg file on the USB.
4. Move the USB to the PS3.
5. Under the "* Install Package Files" will be the .pkg file.
6. Click it and it will install it.
7. Bogo! You installed a .pkg file onto you PS3.

Have fun, and also add me on the PS3, my name is TheSuperAnon and I got black ops aswell.


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