Sims 3 won't start after installing supernatural

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Sims 3 won't start after installing supernatural

Post by heberd on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 12:26

Hello :newfag: and Sorry for the bad English
So here is my problem, I've already install all of the exp and already patch with 1.39 patch and apply the fix crack, then i try to install sims 3 supernatural and BAM!! affraid affraid

A pop up appeared : unable to Start ; service initialization failed(0x0175dcdbb) confused confused
I try to fix it by using registry that i got from other forum but when i apply it still nothing happened and changed, and when i check my registry, it seems like it has no install dir of my sims, after that i try to apply the install dir sims my self but still nothing happens
After that,i try to see my launcher and the icon on the bottom left said that i don't even install the base game and some of expansion icon gone Wat. confused

With a full of depression, i try to uninstall all of it over again, then applying patch 1.38, after that installing supernatural, and then THE SAME PROBLEM HAPPENED!!
After that with another depression, i uninstall it, clean all the registry

Today, after I stumbled on this forum, i try to install it again according to the instalation guide that had been posted by sir admin
this is what I do :
1. Install base game
2. Install Showtime exp
3. Install the 1.39 patch i got from the download section (I did this because the supernatural exp said that it couldn't be installed if i don't get proper patch (1.38 or 1.39)
4. Install the supernatural patch
5. Apply the #crack from ultimate fix

Then..... IT HAPPENED AGAIN No pale bounce affraid
The same problem :
service intialization failed
No base game icon in launcher (it even said that my version is 0.2)
Sims 3 supernatural/Bin only has uninstall.ico and sims 3.ico, no other file and only 67 mb

Please someone Help me
Sorry for the long and Noob post and have a nice day Very Happy


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Re: Sims 3 won't start after installing supernatural

Post by Webmaster on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 19:12


Welcome to the Forum!
Where exactly did you get all those games from?



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