Problem after installing fast lane stuff

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Problem after installing fast lane stuff

Post by smekz on Wed 17 Oct 2012, 21:11

Hey, I've been playing sims 3 for a while and i had the katy perry stuff, diesel stuff, town life stuff, high-end-loft stuff.
I just installed fast lane stuff and I did exactly as the instructions said, copy the crack 1 into the sims 3 game bin, and crack 2 into fast lane stuff game bin. When I start the launcher I get the same launcher as I did before, but it says in the icons beneath that I only have fast lane stuff and high-end-loft stuff. Not even the base game is there. I've tried to start the game anyways but nothing happens.

Is there someway to solve this problem?


I downloaded the fix from you and now most of the things work, katy
perry stuff doesn't but I didn't like those things anyways so it doesn't
matter. It also says that the game might crash if I continue and the
options is exit and continue, if I press continue the game works Smile


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Re: Problem after installing fast lane stuff

Post by Webmaster on Wed 17 Oct 2012, 21:46


If you want to get your game up-to-date and working, follow these instructions: WITHOUT skipping any steps.

If that doesn't get rid of the error, it means you have a Mod that is incompatible with that game version.
As long as the game works as you want, don't fix what isn't broken, I guess.

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