Unknown Error when I try to launch Sims 3 for Mac

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Unknown Error when I try to launch Sims 3 for Mac

Post by ennucyn on Fri 19 Oct 2012, 05:56

I hope someone can help me. I have fallowed all the instructions during installation but I can not get my game to work. I am wondering if it is due to the fact that I have not installed the cracks included in the downloads but directly went for the ones in the ultimate fix files. How can I proceed?


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Re: Unknown Error when I try to launch Sims 3 for Mac

Post by Dieneryn on Fri 19 Oct 2012, 07:25

Hi there, during installation, there is no need to apply any cracks for EPs, just base game:

Here's a breakdown of the steps for installation:
1) Update your base game to v1.39 (from the launcher under Game Updates, not from the pop-up prompts)
2) Install the expansion packs
3) While installing expansion packs, do not apply any cracks that comes with the download.
4) After installation, copy the two files from #Crack folder (inside LATEST version of Ultimate Fix) to your base game's Game>Bin folder.

If you still get "Unknown Error Occurred" message, try the following:
From Macintosh HD > Users folder > home folder (your mac username) > Library > Preferences> The Sims 3 Preferences

Delete the file 'system.reg'

Let us know if it helps (:
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