Game Won't Load After Manual 1.42 Update [SOLVED]

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Game Won't Load After Manual 1.42 Update [SOLVED]

Post by Attentionn on Sat 03 Nov 2012, 02:10

Hi G4TW,
I just updated my game to 1.42 but now my game refuses to load, when I open the launcher and press the play button the launcher exits out but nothing happens. Since my situation is kinda long i'm gonna break it down.
1) I wanted to update so i downloaded the ultimate fix and then pressed update software in the launcher. Once everything finished installing i got the Invalid Error.
2) I came back here and installed the Manual Patch and it was successful, but then my game told me i needed the Supernatural CD in order to run. So i replaced the Ultimate fix files with the Supernatural files in TS3/Game/Bin.
3) Now when I try to run my game it doesn't load and i'm not sure if my game is updated.
Help! Help No
Fix: Reread the Ultimate fix instructions, You must apply the crack included in it also.
I got my sims game to load but now when I get to the loading screen it says the game wont respond.
(Lol i'm definitely talking to myself) I fixed my game, it was a messed up mod but my game is working perfectly! Thanks for the update G4TW! Can't wait for seasons!

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Re: Game Won't Load After Manual 1.42 Update [SOLVED]

Post by t2sink on Sat 03 Nov 2012, 03:42

Well glad you managed it yourself, if you have anything more difficult we'll still be here to help.
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