Can't load the '...' file

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Can't load the '...' file

Post by SmurfieGastNils on Tue 06 Nov 2012, 20:59

Tsjah. Ik heb dus een geweldig groot probleem.

Hetzelfde gebeurd overigens met nieuwe werelden die ik probeer te starten. Ik heb al alle CC er een keertje uit gehaald en het zo geprobeerd, de Ultimate Fix helemaal opnieuw gedaan maar niets helpt


Yeah, I have a massive problem.

(Translation of the pic): A big error has ocurred in your game while loading the M&B file. We recommend restarting the application (There will probally be some faults but yeah)

The same happens with new worlds that I try to start. I've deleted all the cc and tried that way. Also redoing the Ultimate Fix didn't work.

I have these expansions:

Late Night
Town Life
Diesel Accessoires
and Supernatural

My game version is 1.42
This error has occured another time too. But after like a month it fixed itself (IDK how that happened. I just didn't play a month, my brother started playing and it worked)

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Re: Can't load the '...' file

Post by Webmaster on Wed 07 Nov 2012, 17:23

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free society

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